How hard is it to get Good food and Good service in the same plate.

Very difficult in my experience. Used to go hand in hand, but no more

the brown expat

Lets make it clear..i didnt get a chance to eat here..this review is only regarding their customer service via phone.

Yes i am talking in particular about this restaurant called The Pepper Pan in Sharjah..a lazy Saturday afternoon all i wanted was some nice home delivered food sit back and watch the i called up these just after shortlisting them from Zomato for nearby places.

*all the conversation had happened not in English..nor Arabic..not even Hindi but the next most common language in UAE ” Malayalam”

I was in a very good mood..and when the guy answered the phone all i asked him was “do you home deliver meals at this time?” and he was angry for god knows why..his reply totally stunned me..he was like ” how many do you you want it? yes or no”…i was like Excuse me? i asked him what did u say?…

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