8 Things You Need To Know Before You Fall For A Girl Who Loves Books

Thought Catalog


1. You will be ignored.

Maybe she won’t look up when you’re speaking to her, or maybe you won’t be able to reach her for an entire afternoon because her phone is on silent and she’s reading. She doesn’t do this because she’s annoyed, or angry, or giving you the silent treatment. It is simply because when she is with books, she is not in the real world. She is in the story’s world, wrapped up in words and moments that feel real to her, even when they are fiction.

2. You will find that she talks about books like they’re real.

Referring back to the previous point, when your book lover is wrapped up in a story, it feels real to her. She will tell you about the characters and their troubles as if she knows them personally, and you should discuss them with her. She’ll love you…

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