The Accidental Romance Of The Unromantic

Thought Catalog


The first glance you take at him is unmemorable. You meet him somewhere mundane – like at a job, or sitting behind you in a lecture course. Upon meeting him, you don’t think much of it. Like the many people to cross your path each day, he is greeted with a handshake and a polite smile – his name already forgotten. For a minute, you examine him. You acknowledge that his looks are slightly above average, but not exactly the type that gets you up and out of bed in the morning. For a considerable amount of time, he continues to remain unnoticed; addressed only by passive smile-nods and short-lived conversations. But then one day, a particular encounter changes all that. His eyes and his crooked half-smile during your typically unenthused chit-chat makes you silently rethink the impressions you had during your first exchanges. You find yourself thinking about…

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