Globalism, The Miracle Drug …

We all happen to share this tiny planet. It is responsible to view and evaluate issues from a global perspective


Obama Snake OilFolk such as America’s Obama, Germany’s Merkel, the U.K.’s Cameron and others of like stripe are “Globalists,” which says that they put the interests of the entire planet ahead f the interests of any nation. Note that this automatically puts any duty of theirs toward those who elected them into a small minority of their responsibilities. Note too that it leaves the definition of those  larger interest entirely up to the politician taking that stance. Parsing that, he/she/it may do as he/she/it likes. Handy, what?

Outside the West, Globalism differs a bit. A Russian or Chinese globalist for instance, is looking toward a globe subservient to Russia or China. Old fashioned, that. Crude.

The Western version is one of the energizers behind the Left’s programs of diversity, equality of results and multiculturalism. You will have trouble dumping all the world’s disparate populations into a single pot under a…

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